44 Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath

48 Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath

44 Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath

44 Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath

Being an Empath can be extremely difficult at times. Most days it’s if we are Atlas, with the weight of the world on our shoulders. Feeling the grief and despair of not only ourselves but the people around us.  For many years many of us have wondered why we are different? Why are we more Sensitive than others, why do we become more easily depressed, and why do we need so much down time to reboot?  Here are my 45 tips for how to be a Successful Empath.

In finding out that we aren’t alone and that there are more like-minded people like us,  we begin to feel a comfort and safety net that allows understanding and balance. We have found our purpose and/or a deeper understanding as to why we are the way we are. Doors open and life begins to make sense to us. We say to ourselves I am an Empath. Finally.. I get me.

We have a diagnosis or a Self-diagnosis. Now we begin to feel like we can move forward, we can begin to understand who we are, and what makes us tick. We can join support groups to be among like-minded people. We ask questions and seek answers. We want a cure and we want to protect ourselves from outside sources of energy. We want to know how to stop absorbing negative energy so that we can function. We want to move forward with our lives, knowing we are safe and protected. It’s a stability tactic that we implement to know that we are stable and safe in our current surroundings.

I’ve known that I am an Empath for quite some time. I have read books and watched countless YouTube videos. I have studied other Empaths, I’ve studied Philosophy and Psychology at a University Level and this is what I have found works for me as an Empath.

These are the tips and tricks that help me, and I hope that they will work for you as well.  We are all different with different preferences and when working to find peace from negative energy as an Empath solutions aren’t always one size fits all. You have to continue to work to build up yourself and your surroundings. Look for and try different tactics that will help you function on a daily basis.

Here are what helps me as an Empath, and I hope through these tips you are able to find peace too. Please comment below on what works for you and what doesn’t, I would love to know. Also, please comment below on what other topics you want me to write on.

First things first if you are still uncertain if you are an Empath, check out my other post called.

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62 Traits of an Empath

If you know that you are an Empath and you are looking for ways to successfully step in to your power Read on.

44 Tips to help you be a successful Empath.

  1. Remove anything from your life that can deliberately drain your energy or that will deliberately cause you to absorb negative energy: Now, I understand that there are going to be unstoppable occurrences throughout your everyday life. But do what you can to remove anything from your life that doesn’t fill you up. This means, stop watching the News, Stop reading negative things on the internet and stop focusing on any current event that holds negativity. I am now to the point where I mute the news, I only watch the weather. If I am looking for a specific story I Google or Bing it. I don’t go looking for anything that is going to bring down my vibration. Be careful and selective on what you view. This includes the Social-Media and Reality TV. If it doesn’t lift you up don’t watch it.  Simple as that. 😉 Now, I understand that it isn’t always that simple. Try your best and know that you deserve to make these changes. It’s your happiness and peace of mind at stake.
  2. Know It’s okay to be selfish: You have to put yourself first. You are going to have to be okay with telling people no. It is time for you to focus on you and what is best for you and when you have that under control then you can begin to focus on caring for others. Yes, I do understand that some of you are parents or caregivers and for you I say, make sure that every day you have uninterrupted ‘you’ time. For me, my children go to bed at 8 p.m. every night and I know that from 8 p.m. until I decided to fall asleep it’s ME time. Which allows me to recoup from the day. I read, or watch something uplifting. I meditate or Read and take a relaxing bath. I find ways to shrug off the accumulation of the day and begin to fill myself back up…
  3. Take Back your Power:It’s in our nature to want to be the caretaker of others. We want and almost need to be validated through our good works and in doing so we give our power away. We become a slave to our need to please and help others. This often times drains us, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result we are often times manipulated and coerced into doing things that we don’t want to do. We want to love everyone and we need to know that we too are loved. Take back your power and stay in control of your life. You are the only one who makes decisions for you. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by others into feeling guilty, sad or pushed towards doing something that doesn’t serve your greater good.
  4. Say NO: Yes, You have this right, the right to say no. For your sanity and well being, You need to focus on you, It’s okay to say no to people. You do not have to help everyone all of the time.
  5. Trust your inner self and intuition: Listen to yourself and make sure you follow your Intuition or Inner Self. That “Gut” feeling you get is there for a reason. Take the time to listen to what it is saying. Your Intuition has your best interest at heart. Some times it is necessary to save face, let go of EGO and go with your gut.
  6. Don’t allow someone to be dishonest with you:This can be a hard one, because as Empaths we always want to see the best in everyone. But This is something we have to do. If you know someone is being dishonest with you and you can intuitively feel that they are doing so, either speak up or walk away. You deserve the very best and if you are receiving lies or deception from someone in your life then they don’t deserve to be there.  This can be very difficult especially if you are dealing with loved ones. If you have to keep them at a distance, then do so and just know that you have the ability to be drained by them due to their dishonesty.
  7. Fill up your buckets first: You have to take care of yourself first. Make sure your needs are met before you work to take care of everyone else. If you aren’t allowing yourself to refuel every once in a while at the end of the day you are going to be drained. You have to make sure you are taken care of before you will be able to take care of anyone else successfully.
  8. Clear your Chakras and Have some Energy Work done: This will help with Digestive disorders, pain and fatigue, Balance yourself. Take the time to eat nutrient dense foods. Center yourself inward, bring in a white light from source through your crown chakra, imagine opening up each chakra with the light from above. Focus yourself inward and ground yourself. When Clearing Chakras, I will cleanse the Auric field first. I also like to do the Starseed Modality to pull energy. Essential Oils, Crystals, Meditation, foods all work to help clear the chakras. If you want more information on this comment below I am working to add videos and webinars to help in these areas. Cap Removal and Cord Cutting can help here too.
  9. Eat a healthy diet: Remove; processed foods, excessive sugars and sodas, and gmo’s. Eat organic meat if you are a “meat-eater”, You are what you eat and if you eat foods that are full of toxins as an Empath you will absorb these toxic energies. Take care of yourself by watching your intake of refined and  processed sugary foods. Make your own food from scratch. Grow a garden if you can. If you are eating out look for  “Farm to Table” restaurants. Your body is your powerhouse and in order to become one with yourself you need to manage how you are taking care of your body.
  10. Begin to understand your emotions: This will help with addictive personalities. Emotions are good! We should never suppress our emotions, instead we need to take the time to understand the underlying cause for each emotion that we are feeling. We need to pay attention to these feelings, they will help us to understand if the emotions are our true emotions, or left over emotions from another source. Emotions are our friends and when we learn to understand the good that is behind each emotion we will become successful at managing our energy and the energy of others. Be willing to feel. Emotions are good and healthily. We need to feel instead of suppress them
  11. Don’t allow people to offload their problems unless you are mentally ready for them: Many people are drawn to us. We are virtual sponges for others. People see and are attracted to us and it can be as if the flood gates open and they have to tell us their whole life story. This can be emotionally draining for Empaths. Often we allow their energy to creep in while they are telling us about their problems. It is okay to tell people that you aren’t ready to listen. Be kind and say it with as much love and dignity as you can muster. They will understand that you aren’t in a place to listen. If you notice a pattern with people, or you have a friend who is always offloading on you. Then Mentally prepare by shielding. You can also distance yourself from these people if you are finding it is too much to handle. For me I like to make sure that I have my Terra Shield Essential Oil handy ( I prefer DoTerra essential oils). When I feel my self being drained or I know I am going to be around people who offload their problems, I put on some essential oil.
  12. Find a job that isn’t draining your energy: You spent about a third of your life working. Day in and Day out, every single day until you retire and sometimes long after that. This one-act can change your life. You must find a profession that will resonate with your ability to stay full of pure positive energy. Coming home physically drained after a day at work is depressing. Life begins to lose its Vitality and Depression can often set in.  You spend your day helping others and you love it that is wonderful keep it up. But, If you spend your day helping others and you are left tired and drained day in and day out, it’s time for you to look for something new. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to have the best day ever, every day. YOU DESERVE THIS. Make a change to benefit you.
  13. Find a creative outlet: Find a new love for being creative. Release pent-up energy through your fingers as you write, color, draw, or paint. Craft something. Write poetry. Paint, listen to music, find some source of creativity, what ever it may be. This not only helps you expel energy but it brings you to the present. You being to focus on only the task at hand. It is very therapeutic for your soul. So find some time to do something that allows you to be free.
  14. Get out in Nature: Go for a walk. Play in the snow, lay in a hammock and read a book. Find a way to spend time outside daily. Not only do we need a daily dose of Vitamin D, but it connects us back to Source. It grounds us and allows us to be one with the world at hand. Find a way to get out into Nature daily or weekly. Get those shoes off and walk through the sand, grass and even the leaves. Lay in the grass, allow yourself to relax.
  15. Exercise: Take care of your physical body, moving releases Endorphin’s and Tryptophan and amino acid that is uses to make Serotonin a Nero-transmitter that makes us Happy. Also, We Empaths have a tendency to carry extra “Protection Weight” So Eating right and Exercise helps here too.
  16. Meditate: Meditation is great for Empaths. It allows us to ground ourselves, to center ourselves. It gives us a chance to quite our mind to relax. To help with Chakra Clearing and dispelling of negative energy. It helps us to raise our vibration, and to become one with Source.
  17. Pray: Praying and Meditation goes hand in hand. This brings us inward. It gives us time to reflect, to become one. It brings us to the present and allows us to clear ourselves peacefully.
  18. Write in a Journal, Keep track of your progress and what really works for you & daydream: Journaling and Daydreaming are two of my favorite things. It allows my creative side to peak and gives me a chance to relax. I can write how I feel and let it go. I may have a good cry. I may work out problems that I am facing, I just write. I write about nothing. I write about everything. I acknowledge and release any feelings here that do not suit me and the dreams that I am working towards. I dream about my life, about what I have accomplish, what I have yet to and I dream about my family. To me this is one of the greatest ways for me to focus on my own energy and it really allows myself to let go of any energy that isn’t mine.
  19. Write down everything that makes you grateful: This goes hand in hand with Journaling. Take the time to really write down what you are grateful for.  Do this every morning and every evening before you go to bed. and any time you are feeling like your energy is being depleted. Finding things to be grateful for really raises your vibration and when you’re vibrating at a higher frequency you aren’t a match to lower vibrations.
  20. Vibration: Dance: Get out and move. Move your body this too helps you increase your vibration. Listen to music: Listen to uplifting music, Music will always help you increase your vibration. I listen to the Ambient Radio on Pandora or Michael Buble Radio. Hug an animal or small child: This helps with grounding and increasing your vibration. Do what you can to bring up your vibration. This is going to help greatly with negative or low vibrational energy, when you are vibrating at a higher frequency you aren’t a match to lower vibrations and or negative energy.
  21. Take a bath or shower: This is great for clearing. Add some Lavender, Clary Sage and Epsom Salts and relax. You can also imagine all the negative energy being pulled out of you and going down the drain this works wonders for me. I actually bath nightly so I can do this.
  22. Stay Positive: Focus on the good, think good thoughts, and try to stay out of your head. This is going to make the biggest difference. If you can work to retrain your brain and the thoughts you have, you will then see that you are only bringing in more good and more positive vibrations and you are no longer a match to lower energy and lower vibrations.
  23. Negativity:  This goes hand in hand with staying positive, If you are allowing your self to be the victim by blaming others then you are in resonance of a more negative energy. Which is only going to allow for things to worsen. Be mindful what you say on Facebook, Instagram, email, and text. If it isn’t serving you in positive vibration do not write it. Or If you are posting because you are looking for sympathy ask yourself why? What validation are you looking for that you aren’t getting within. Stop Complaining & Stop listening to others complain, Don’t engage in a negative comment thread, or jump on the band wagon to tell someone they are wrong. Trolling will not help us Empaths.
  24. Learn to validate yourself: Stop looking to others for validation & Do not project on othersLooking for validation from others only sets us up to fail. We have to learn to validate ourselves in order to truly find the happiness we are looking for. Validation comes from within.
  25. Organize your life: Clean out your house, car, yard everything. Get your life organized. Make sure your energy is flowing through your home un-interrupted. Sage, Cleanse your home with white sage when the seasons change and don’t wait for spring to clean. Empaths thrive with order and organization. Take the time to work on your home so you have a safe haven from the world.
  26. Make Peace with Your Past: Do your shadow work make peace with your past, this is so important and often left undone. If you have any issues from your childhood or past that still haunt you, the best thing you can do is working to meet them head on. Dive deep, go back through and try to better understand the feelings that you had in order to over come them now. This is a long process one that often never gets done. I know from my own personal experience that I cannot fix the past, I can only learn from it. I also know that I am not going to allow my past to hinder my future. So I work hard at working through my demons.
  27. Keep your environmental factors in check: Don’t go to Wal-Mart during the middle of the day if you know it will set you off. If you know you have a hard time being out in public places when there is a great number of people out and about, then make the effort to go at a different time of the day. This is your life and you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to enjoy your life. Environmental Factors play in to our energy and vibration. So it’s key to make sure you are aware of your surroundings.
  28. Find Crystals, Essential Oils and Sage that work to help you clear and heal: This really all becomes preference. I love Sage and Salt for the home, Crystals to carry with me, I also have some I keep above my head on my bed. But most of all I love the Essential Oils. I am an “Oiler” Do-Terra Essential Oils are my Favorite. I have and use many. I use Lavender in my bath, Terra Shield on my Heart Chakra, and Elevation, Wild Orange and Citrus Bliss for mood enhancers. I wear them daily, I keep the bottles with or near me. I love the smell. It really allows me to relax enough that I can get motivated to start and finish my day.
  29. Medications and Vitamins: If you are on medicine for depression or anything else, take your medications as prescribed. Don’t take yourself off until you have discussed everything with your practitioner and until you are completely ready to be honest with yourself and every emotion you have. Take a good quality multi-vitamin, and Fish oil. These will greatly help with the missing nutrients from our diets.
  30. Block/shield only when absolutely necessary: I don’t personally believe in shielding or Blocking all of the time. I feel that it is unnecessary if you are working to keep your vibration energy in a higher range. There are however times when you do need to shield and clear quickly. For me I imagine a white light that surrounds me like an egg, sometimes I even picture that my egg of light has blinds and if needed I can turn the dial and close the shades for more protection or I can open them more If I am needing less. There are many people who are Empaths that disagree with this tactic. For me this works, I am a believer in the Law of Attraction and so what I am trying to shield will only come at me stronger. So I would rather prepare myself and welcome the energy knowing that I am not a match to it that resist it and have it hit me harder.
  31. Resistance persists. Law of attraction This is the law that I most live my life by. I believe in the Laws of the Universe and I believe in the law of attraction. I know that negativity breeds and attracts negativity. and Resistance only creates more resistance. So I am a welcoming Empath. I work to keep my self in a higher vibrational frequency rather that shielding myself constantly.
  32. Take a nap/ rest: Make sure that you are sleeping at least 8 hours a night and if you feel like you want to take a nap during the day. Do so, Your body and mind are amazing and they know what you need. Recharging is key for an Empath and Rest is one of the very best ways to jump-start our day.
  33. Drink lots of water: Our body is mostly water, and when we aren’t in-taking the desired amount we dehydrate our bodies. Nourish your body with water. We need it. Not only will it help our bodies run at optimal efficiency but it will also help with flushing out unwanted toxins that are trapped.
  34. Be honest and tell people how you are feeling do not hide your feelings because you are afraid to hurt or offend others: This one is difficult because of our need to please others, but you have to take back your power, it’s time to put YOU first, and In doing so you have to tell people what you feel. You have to be open and honest with your feelings. Look inward for self validation and know that YOUR feelings matter. In order to be a successful person you have to let go of the fear.
  35. Find something you love and try to do that daily:  This is so important, it doesn’t have to be something big, anything will do. Just make sure that you take time out for you, do something that you love, something that will lift you up and give you that extra boost. For me it’s my coffee in the morning, a good book and a bath at night. I love my time. My children are in bed early and my husband works swing so I have me time that I can enjoy and I love it.
  36. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day:  Bad days are going to happen, it’s life. Just know that tomorrow is a new day. Work to clear yourself before going to bed. You don’t want unwanted energy in your bed with you.. Wake up refreshed and ready to start the next day. Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow isn’t here and all we have is right now. Work hard to focus on today. Don’t take the past to the future or present, and don’t bring the future into the present either. Every moment is a new moment which means we have tons of do overs everyday. Let go of the problems so that you can move into a vibrant future and present.
  37. Keep things near you that bring you comfort when you need it: This helps me when I feel like I am under attack or like my energy and vibration is dwindling. I like having my essential oils and crystals with me. They pick me up quickly and allow me to clear myself. Find something that is going to help you bring up your vibration and keep it handy.
  38. Don’t allow yourself to be put in situations that are going to bring you much discomfort: Take the time to know what is going on in your day and prepare yourself for everything. When you take control of your environment you are more aware of situations that can bring you down. This is helpful to all Empaths. Stay mindful and listen to your intuition and if it doesn’t feel right do not make yourself go through with it.
  39. Take care of your finances and anything else that can bring forth unnecessary stress: Get on a budget and work to become debt free. Empaths do not need any unnecessary stress. This goes hand in hand with organizing your life. Plan out your finances. Know what you have to take care of. Finances and Money can be as emotionally draining as people. So it is best to create a healthy relationship with money.
  40. Breathe.. It’s okay:  You are okay and you are going to be okay. Being an Empath is a beautiful thing, it’s truly a gift once you learn how to manage your life. I feel that if you being to implement a few of these steps you will see your life being to change. You are an amazing person and you have an amazing future.
  41. Read: Reading is a love of mine. I love to read for pleasure and for knowledge, it gives me time to be present. It allows me to forget about my troubles, I am able to dive into an unknown world or learn more on how to help myself. For me reading is a great way to recharge.
  42. Understand your Anxiety and Let go of Fear: Get Personal with it. Anxiety is often very prevalent in an Empaths life and the best way to work through that anxiety is to get really personal with it. You have to dive deep into your fears to understand where the anxiety is coming from. One question I often ask myself is what is the worse thing that could happen. I write it out. I got through all the scenarios and once I’ve done this usually I find that it isn’t near as bad as I thought it would be. We are often times our own worst enemy because we allow ourselves to get in our own heads. Do not do this. It doesn’t do any good. Really try to work through these emotions. It will suck in the beginning but I promise it will get better.
  43. Solitude:  Is a must, we have to recharge and the best way to do this is by being alone, where our thoughts and energy isn’t interrupted by others. Make sure you plan out time for yourself. You deserve to be the best you can be and sometimes that means taking a timeout from the rest of the world.
  44. Love &Pamper Yourself: Love yourself first. You have to do this. You truly have to fall in love with yourself. There is a book I recommend, it’s called “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It”. Take the time to meet your own needs. Often times we are so caught up in caring for others that our needs are overlooked. Then we get sad and feel bad for ourselves. Well dang it, we deserve to be pampered too. So take time out of your day to do something special for yourself. You deserve it.

I understand that everyone is different. These are most, if not all, of things that have really helped me build myself up. It’s taken four years and I am finally comfortable in my own skin, you will be to. It takes work daily and you will find what works for you and you will begin to see the light. Once you do you will see how truly powerful you are as an Empath and what an amazing gift you have.  When you do you will then be ready to step into your own power as an Empath.

Take care of yourself and work hard to keep your vibrational frequency high, this will help with the negative energy that we Empaths love to absorb. If our frequency isn’t a match for the lower vibrational energy, that is so draining, then we win. We are successful and we don’t have to go through life being afraid and shielding all of the time. :)

I feel like there is so much more information that I could give with each point I shared. If you are wanting more information please comment below, so I know what areas I need to cover.

I am setting up a series of videos to talk about these steps more in detail if you would like to do a series of Webinars with me where you can ask questions please leave it in the comments below. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I do my best to answer questions there as well.


Thanks for reading make sure you find me on Facebook FEBELLAJADE, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

~ Namaste, Jamie

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